MLB The Show 24: Seoul Series Choice Pack, Vault Pack, New Chase Card and Headliners Pack 3 Available Now

March 22, 2024 by Cory Dell

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It finally feels like a new season in Diamond Dynasty. Fridays are typically a big content day and MLB The Show 24 just got a huge batch of new cards in various forms.

The MLB season officially opened with the Seoul Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres. This series was initially being celebrated in-game with a free pack featuring 87 overall Ha-Seong Kim. With the series over, a full-on Choice Pack featuring a handful of players from the series can be purchased.

Seoul Series Choice Pack

This is the typical base/rare round tiered choice pack we see often. You either land the base or rare tier, where you then get to choose a player from said tier.

Base Round

Seoul Series 3B Max Muncy (Los Angeles Dodgers) – Meta Overall: 86.30; #10 3B
Seoul Series C Luis Campusano (San Diego Padres) – Meta Overall: 80.53; #17 C
Seoul Series RP Yuki Matsui (San Diego Padres) – Meta Overall: 67.47; #10 RP
Seoul Series CF Jackson Merrill (San Diego Padres) – Meta Overall: 77.41; #41 CF
Seoul Series RP Daniel Hudson (Los Angeles Dodgers) – Meta Overall: 73.91; #5 RP

The base round, as usual, isn’t really much to write home about. On one hand, it’s a firm reminder that we’re back in the power creep universe as Matsui and Hudson have extremely low Meta Overall ratings – yet they’re both current Top 10 RP in the game. Early game bullpens are always yearning for better arms, though pitch mixes are often more important than attributes for relief pitchers.

Merrill can play several key positions around the field, but isn’t necessarily a strong defender as he’ll be a Bronze fielder outside of CF.

Campusano and Muncy are the most interesting players in this round. Muncy fits the Cornerstone Buxton build while Campusano fits on the Cornerstone Arenado build. Muncy will essentially max out on Power versus both sides, though he’ll carry 53 Contact L as his weakest point.

Rare Round

Seoul Series 2B Xander Bogaerts (San Diego Padres) – Meta Overall: 82.16; #23 2B
Seoul Series CP Evan Phillips (Los Angeles Dodgers) – Meta Overall: 80.30; #11 CP
Seoul Series C Will Smith (Los Angeles Dodgers) – Meta Overall: 83.59; #11 C

These three players have Gold cards but these 90 overall Diamonds are enough of an upgrade to be worth starting. However, the cost of the pack doesn’t really make these cards that enticing to me. I’d rather start the Diamond version of each, but not at a cost of 40,000 Stubs.

If you’re already running a theme team build that these cards fit on, then you might take the baseline improvement in attributes just to have the juicier boosted versions.

The Seoul Series Choice Pack is available for 40,000 Stubs with a purchase limit of 3 packs per account.

Season 1 Vault Choice Pack

A new addition to Diamond Dynasty is the Vault Pack. This was shown off during the live content feature premiere, but we didn’t really know what it would be.

As it turns out, it’s a costly gamble for premium pack cards featured in the listed Season. Specifically, the pack is detailed as featuring “former Headliners or Promo Pack Featured Players.” This appears to include rare round cards from choice packs and Headliners.

This pack might seem more enticing in the coming weeks as more cards rotate in and packs leave the shop. Right now, this seems like a terrible investment of Stubs.  For starters, you aren’t even guaranteed a Diamond in the pack. The pack features 5 Gold or better players, allowing you to select 2 cards. The pack currently includes the newest Headliner (we’ll talk about next) as well as the rare round for the Spring Breakout Pack 2 that’s still available in the Shop.

You get slightly better odds at a 90 overall+ card compared to the Spring Breakout pack, but a slightly worse chance compared to Headliners. This is the ultimate lottery pack as you can end up landing nothing but Golds to choose from, effectively spending 40,000 Stubs to net less than 5,000 Stubs in return. Then again, if you hit multiple Diamonds you’ll easily make your Stubs back.

This also seems like a decent way to keep the premium cards from getting too expensive. As of this writing, 90 overall Spring Breakout Paul Skenes has a Buy Now of 80,000 Stubs. I pulled this card a couple days ago and could have sold for 100,000 Stubs but kept him for my rotation.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Vault pack refreshes weekly with new content or only pop up randomly.

The Season 1 Vault Pack is available for 40,000 Stubs with no purchase limit.

Headliners Pack 3

Postseason SP Tom Seaver (New York Mets) – Meta Overall: 79.72; #12 SP

Much like the bullpen as we discussed earlier, starting rotation options are almost always scare at the beginning of the year. Seeing Tom Seaver this early is a welcome sight, though the card is a bit lacking compared to expectations.

Postseason Seaver features 81 H/9, 81 K/9 and 81 BB/9 with 115 Clutch. These attributes are certainly good enough for the early game, but I just always want better attributes on a Seaver.

Seaver’s got a pretty solid pitch-mix with 4-Seamer, Slider, Sinker, 12-6 Curve and Changeup. This Seaver throws hard enough that you should be able to find success with him on All-Star.

Headliners Pack 3 is available now for 7,500 Stubs per pack with a purchase limit of 5 per user. The Headliners Pack 3 Choice Pack is available for 35,000 Stubs with increased odds of pulling a Diamond with a purchase limit of 3 per user.

Chase Pack 2

Finally, we get a new Chase card to follow up John Donaldson from launch week in the form of All-Star Javier Baez.

All-Star SS Javier Baez (Chicago Cubs) – Meta Overall: 86.77; #5 SS

This Baez card is nasty. Stock attributes alone make Baez a Top 5 SS in the early game. Baez also has a glitchy swing which helps him play above his already great attributes.

But wait…there’s more! This Baez fits the Cornerstone Buxton build. Take the attributes pictured above but instead you get 90 POW R, 117 POW L and 90 Speed. Baez already has 99 Fielding so he doesn’t benefit from that aspect of the boost; but who cares? On a Tier 3 Buxton team, I think you can easily make the argument that All-Star Javier Baez is the best SS in the game.

Chase packs are randomly inserted into standard Show packs with no stated odds. A single Chase Pack also comes with the purchase of a 50-pack Show Bundle from the Show Shop. 50-pack Show Bundles cost 75,000 Stubs.

The Closer

Notably, no new programs were dropped alongside the pack content. Not that it’s a good or bad thing; just a noticeable change from last year. Often when we’d get premium packs like the Seoul Series pack, we’d get an accompanying program with cards from the series.

Overall, Javier Baez is easily the best card in this batch of content. Naturally, the best card is the Chase card which means he’ll be incredibly rare and most likely pretty expensive for a while. Baez is a popular Diamond Dynasty player with a glitchy swing, playing a key position with flexibility and eligible for the most popular Captain build. As of this writing, Baez has a Buy Now price of 155,000 Stubs. For comparison, the first Chase card of the year (John Donaldson) has maxed out around 30,000 Stubs since launch.

What are your thoughts on the first major content drop for MLB The Show 24? Are you ripping any packs in search of Baez or trying your luck with the Vault? Tell us your pulls in the comments below!

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