MLB The Show 24 Season Pass Confirmed by New SDS Job Post?

December 29, 2023 by Jeremy Englert

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PlayStation’s San Diego Studio, creators of MLB The Show, has listed an opening for a Game Economy Designer. This role, tailored for MLB The Show, is a game-changer. It revolves around “creating, analyzing, and balancing a game economy with interdependent factors such as virtual currencies, battle passes, and loot boxes.” (Note: “battle pass” is another term for “season pass”)

What This Could Mean: As we previously speculated, this suggests MLB The Show 24 might introduce a Season Pass. It’s a move that aligns with the evolving landscape of gaming monetization. Season Passes have become a staple in modern gaming, enhancing the player experience with rewards and a progression system.

The Bigger Picture: If this is true, it could redefine how players interact with MLB The Show, offering a more structured and rewarding gaming experience.

Stay Tuned: As the community buzzes with anticipation, the question remains: How will this potential Season Pass shape the future of MLB The Show?

For the full job description and more insights, visit the job listing.

Note: The link says the job post was taken down in July, but it still appears on the SDS website as an open position.

We made a video discussing what a Season Pass could look like in MLB The Show 24, check it out below.

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