MLB T-Mobile Park

T-Mobile Park in MLB The Show

With a retractable roof, this stadium offers versatile playing conditions, and the scoreboard commands attention in center field, flanked by the proud display of the American flag. The expansive foul territory behind home plate adds to the unique features. Adjacent to another stadium with a retractable roof on the left-hand side, the backdrop features office buildings and towering skyscrapers. Edgar's, a popular food spot, caters to fans, while a small old-fashioned scoreboard above the left field wall adds a touch of nostalgia. Seating under the center field scoreboard provides a prime view, and having hosted the 2023 All-Star Week, it holds a special place in baseball history. Bright lights encircling the open roof create a vibrant atmosphere for night games, and the Hit it Here Cafe in right field allows fans to savor the game with a coffee.

Elevation: 16'

Capacity: 47,929

Opened Year: 1999


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