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Using ShowZone’s Team Builder to Create the Best Possible Events Team – April Monthly Awards

May 7, 2022 by Corey

Take advantage of ShowZone’s Team Builder to create the best possible events team for the April Monthly Awards event!

The event began on May 5th and is only planned to run until May 12th, so for only one short week, but with some great rewards.  You’re going to want to go into this using the best team possible, so you can maximize your rewards.

A quick reminder of the criteria, which includes only the use of Monthly Awards, Topps Now, and Live Series cards, while keeping the team under a 90 overall.  In addition, commons below a 60 overall are also not allowed in gameplay (no Mickey Jannis for you cheesers, unfortunately), and the games will be played in 3-innings and on All-Star.

Step 1: Go to ShowZone’s Team Builder Tool

Step 2: Click the ‘Filters’ button and set your filters for card series and a 60 overall minimum for cards

Step 3: Click the ‘Generate’ button and set your desired roster constraints, including the 90 overall limit for the event

You can also decide a cost threshold if you’re operating on a budget, set a specific number of lefty/switch hitters if the lineup it gives you originally is right-heavy, set a specific number of lefty starting and relief pitchers, and even adjust your objective attribute between True Overall™, Contact, Power, Speed, Control, Velocity, etc. for Hitters, Starting Pitchers, and Relief Pitchers.

Step 4: Click ‘Generate Roster’ at the bottom of the pop-up window, and let the roster generator go to work!

And voila!  There you have it, the best possible events team with a 300k stub budget and power-focus on hitters, and within the roster constraints.  Don’t have one of the players that the generator gives you?  Your filters are still applied, so simply click on that card and replace them with someone within your inventory.  It’s that easy!

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