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November 21, 2022 by Jeremy Englert

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What is the partnership between ShowZone and

ShowZone is happy to announce that, a premium supplier of full sublimation sportswear, has partnered with us to give all members the opportunity to create their own in-real-life Diamond Dynasty jerseys.

With a multitude of other custom full sublimation products available, also makes it possible for you to take your Diamond Dynasty designs and put them on any other item you’d like – including hoodies and pajamas!

To get started on a premium MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty jersey of your own, all you need is a screenshot of the front and back of your in-game jersey. Submit your photos along with our form, and you’ll receive your free mockup within 48 hours.

What is

TeamGear Canada is a Canadian owned and operated company that specializes in custom made sportswear, jerseys and baseball gloves. They have their own dedicated team of incredibly talented designers that can take any idea and turn it into the jersey of your dreams. Whether you have a design in mind, or would like to create one from scratch, their design team is sure to impress.

With the ability to fully customize every aspect of your jersey, the options that TeamGear provides are truly endless, which is why ShowZone is proud to have them as a partner.

What are the benefits of the partnership with ShowZone?

How does the partnership work?

In order for ShowZone to provide our users with an exclusive full sublimation jersey provider, we’re working with Turning your MLB the show Diamond Dynasty jersey into the real thing is now easier than ever, thanks to TeamGear Canada.

What does the partnership provide for users?

TeamGear provides full sublimation custom jerseys, hoodies, jackets and more. If you play baseball or softball in real life, you can even order custom batting gloves, baseball gloves for infield, outfield and catchers, as well as pitching mats! All of’s full sublimation sportswear is proudly made in Canada.

How to get your MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty Jersey from

Get your own full-button down, premium fabric custom Diamond Dynasty team jersey in just 3 steps.

  1. Screenshot your Diamond Dynasty jersey and upload it with this form. You can even create a home & away version of your jersey!
  2. will send you a mockup of your jersey within 48 hours. Once you approve the design, your jersey is made.
  3. You’ll receive your IRL Diamond Dynasty in just 4-5 weeks!

If you really love your Diamond Dynasty team designs, you can also get that design on any other custom product. There are tons of fully custom products available from, including sweaters and track pants.

Just inquire in the additional details section of our form if you’d like to see mockups of other custom products with your Diamond Dynasty designs.

If you have any questions about creating your own real-life Diamond Dynasty jersey, contact


ShowZone and are the perfect partnership for creating custom MLB The Show jerseys for fans, streamers and content creators. TeamGear Canada provides users with the ability to turn their MLB The Show Jersey into a real life jersey in just a few steps! Visit this link to get started.


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