ShowZone Points Series Event #4 Begins November 10!

November 5, 2023 by Cory Dell


The first three Points Series Events are in the books and the final round begins next weekend!

The ShowZone Points Series Event continues on Friday, November 10 and ends on Sunday, November 12. Sign-ups are still open and you can register here!

The final event is All-Star difficulty only, which means a wide open field!

How To Play In ShowZone Points Series Events

Once you’re registered, you’re all set! When November 10 rolls around, you can simply log onto MLB The Show 23 and and find your matches in the Event Lobby.

Once a match is made, a chat window will open that puts you directly in contact with your chosen opponent. You can coordinate your game all directly from ShowZone’s very own website, eliminating any clunky messaging on your game console. Match with your opponent, choose the correct settings and get playing!

You also report game results through the chat window as the winner clicks through to report the score after each game. Quick, easy and painless so you can jump into your next game right away! Only have time for a few games? That’s ok, too! The ShowZone Points Series Events have been designed to allow you to play at your pace. Have a couple hours to grind a bunch of games? Go for it! Even if you can only play a few games a day, the ShowZone Points Series Events are a way to enjoy online competitive MLB The Show 23 games in a controlled environment. No cheesing, no exploits and no headaches!

With points rolling over until the final Event, you always have a chance to finish toward the top of the leaderboard by just playing. Win or lose, you always earn points.

Not only does ShowZone Points Series Events provide a competitive, controlled atmosphere but unique rulesets help keep the games fresh.

ShowZone Points Series Event #4 Rules


In addition to the hardline rules pictured above, some other notable rules to keep in mind while playing:

  • Freeze-offs are handled just like rainouts in Major League Baseball. If less than 5 complete innings have been played, the game will be restarted in full. If more than 5 innings have been completed, the score reverts back to the bottom of the previous full inning and is reported as such.
  • Balks are OFF.
  • There are NO SET or SEASON restrictions. However, knuckleball pitchers, 99 overall Randy Johnson, 99 overall John Donaldson and 99 Paul Skenes are BANNED and cannot be used in this Event. This includes any/all version of the listed players that are 99 overall (EX: Incognito Randy Johnson and Retro Finest Randy Johnson are both banned).
  • A Starting Pitcher MUST start the game. This means NO OPENERS. You CANNOT use SP out of the bullpen UNLESS you have utilized all RP form your bullpen.
  • Current Gen players (Xbox Series X/PS5) must play at ShowZone Park (NOT ShowZone Park Max). Previous Gen players (PS4/Xbox One) must play at Main Street Field. If you have issues downloading ShowZone Park, Main Street Field can be used instead.
  • Remember: every win is 3 points, every loss is 1 point. 
  • Hot Zones OFF.
  • Umpires PERFECT.

These rules were crafted for crisp and enjoyable games, with the unique SP rules intended to create some level of variety that might not always exist in Ranked. ShowZone Points Series Events are also a great way to use older cards that aren’t legal in Ranked anymore, provided they aren’t on the Event banlist. Didn’t have a chance to use Incognito Hank Aaron before he rotated out of Ranked? You can use him here!

ShowZone Points Series Event #4 Weekly Prizes

Everyone loves a good Grand Prize – and ShowZone has them! But each Event has unique weekly prizes that can be won as well. Remember how we keep reiterating that you can earn points simply for playing? You can also win weekly prizes simply by playing! The weekly prize for Points Series Event #4 is as follows:

The top-50% of all participants will be eligible for the weekly prize in Event #4. Yes – the top-50% of all registered participants! That means by simply signing up, playing games and having a good time – you’ll have a really good shot at the weekly prize!


ShowZone Points Series Event All-Star Grand Prize

The gamer with the most points at the end of the Points Series Event will win the Grand Prize!

The All-Star difficulty Grand Prize is:

Remember – wins are worth 3 points and losses are worth 1 point. You earn points simply by playing, which means you can earn prizes simply by playing MLB The Show 23!

There’s plenty of time to get some games in and start racking up points. Even if you haven’t played yet, you can still sign up for Event #4 here and start playing your way toward the weekly prizes and the Grand Prize beginning on November 10 until November 12!

As always, thank you to our awesome sponsors TeamGear.CA and Rays Gaming!


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