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August 30, 2023 by Sheyworth

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Since the start of ShowZone, our goal has been to build tools that help the community further enjoy MLB The Show.

When I was hired on to join the ShowZone team in April of 2022, that was specifically what I was brought on to build. I had built something, and asked to partner with ShowZone, and it made sense for all of us to do this all together.

Since then, I have been on the forefront of other features that we can see are well loved in the community, including following/hearting players and push notifications for Pro members, as well as the designer behind the new aesthetic we launched this April.

However, when it comes to the event platform, it sat stagnant. It sat stagnant for a lot of reasons, including the game itself not playing at a consistency we considered acceptable for competitive event play.

We’ve been very careful about launching this because the reality is, in a lot of ways, when it comes to running these things, you only get one shot to do it right. The community is tired of events that flop, fail, get rescheduled or more. This is not a shot at anyone or any team who tried before us. This is simply the truth.

My entrance to MLB The Show competitive scene came at the heart of the pandemic. I personally run outdoor slo-pitch tournaments and leagues, and with everyone in lockdown, I reached into my pocket of dreams/goals I wanted to accomplish – and one was running online MLB The Show events. So I did. And I had a lot of success, and a lot of headaches. Most of those headaches were from the reality that a lot of softwares available to run gaming events online are built devoid of the differences of a sports game. The reality is, the competitive gaming market HAS been COD, Warzone, and other shooters for a very long time.

Which means, anyone who enters the space is going up against millions of dollars of VC funded ventures on pocket change. So okay, there’s disappointment number one: we’re not launching this platform with 10k prizes, or live in-person LAN events.

So what can we accomplish then? If we can’t beat them at prizing, what we can simply do, is build a platform completely optimized for an absolutely headache-free approach to MLB The Show specific events.

Where we’re at – the game still is not perfect. It probably never will be. But gameplay is the best it’s been for a long time. Yes, there are still freezeoffs, exploitable glitches, and while it’s often 2 steps forward 1 step back for getting these things resolved, what we can do is read the trend of the market and try to serve that purpose to the utmost effectiveness we can.

So how do we do that? Here’s what driving every decision we make:

  • To combat freezeoffs, and how it affects gameplay, we are from day one adopting the MLB rule for rainouts. Games that last less than 5 full innings must be replayed from the beginning. After 5 full innings, a game is considered complete at any point a freezeoff happens, and the score is reverted to the last completed inning.
  • A large majority of our focus will be events that are open ended. This allows us to play within the means of the game in it’s current state. While we will still host bracket events, we will do our best to make decisions that make sense for the events and the competitors and gameplay.
  • We will have strict rules on CAP usage, stadium usage, and we will not tolerate bunt spamming, quick pitching, runner spam, exploits of any kind or bad/unstable internet connections. And to the last point, if we deem necessary, we will require competitors to have a wired LAN connection. Our goal is to create an event platform that fosters the true competition of baseball at it’s core, rather than gaming at it’s core, which has often been “win at any costs.” We will ban those who don’t comply.
  • While events will likely start small, and slowly gain momentum, we will attempt at all times to maintain divisions for members of all strengths of the community. Our goal is in the future, to have multiple divisions for each difficulty, and will forever continue to optimize the platform to allow everyone to play someone who they at any point, have a chance against. Because the reality is, everyone is very different and their play style has strengths and weaknesses.

So to summarize: stick with us. Be patient. Pass along active constructive criticism when needed. Help us grow this into the thing we believe it should be. The thing the MLB The Show community needs. We will work tirelessly to make sure we’re delivering the best event product in the community, and that’s our guarantee. We may fail, stumble, struggle or make mistakes. We are human. However, we will forever continue to optimize processes, and we will strive to grow events, grow divisions and optimize your playing experience every step along the way.

If it isn’t perfect today, that’s okay. We will get it there. And we hope you buy in and realize how passionate we are about these promises.

If you resonate with this post, please join our Discord for the latest updates on the events platform, and to communicate with us directly.

Alright. Let’s do this.

Want to join the last beta for our Points Series League? Sign up here.

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