New Feature Alert: Roster Update Predictor

April 1, 2023 by Jeremy Englert

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We are bursting onto the investment scene like the Kool-Aid man with our new ‘Roster Update Predictor’ tool, which officially went live on Friday. The tool aligns MLB The Show cards with their real-life stats, making life much easier for you investment-focused Diamond Dynasty players.

The tool segments cards into “hot”, “cold”, or “neutral” buckets, helping to predict the cards’ potential to be upgraded (or downgraded) in the future. The tool was developed in close collaboration with LouisAnalysis, known across the community for his super-accurate roster update and investment predictions.

Louis developed the criterion for the card segments and is offering curated investment advice, including buy/sell pricing recommendations & alerts to his Patreon supporters. The tool itself will update the day following games at noon eastern. ShowZone Pro Gold and Diamond subscribers will have access to every card in the game, while ShowZone Silver, Bronze, or non-subscribers will have access to all Bronze and Common cards only.

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Jeremy is a partner and developer at ShowZone. He also does random stuff, like writing the article you just read.

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