True Overall and Meta Overall Explained; Recent Updates to Algorithms

May 18, 2023 by Corey

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If you’re a fan of MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty mode, you’re probably familiar with the various ways that cards are rated. The most commonly used metric is a card’s Overall rating, which is a rating out of 99 that represents a player’s overall ability. However, not all 99s are created equal, as different cards may have different strengths and weaknesses.

True Overall

That’s where ShowZone’s True Overall comes in. Created in 2020, True Overall is a metric that attempts to rate cards closely to the SDS-created Overall rating, but eliminates that pesky 99 overall cap. True Overall was created using a basic linear regression model, segmenting cards by position and applying different weights to each attribute. The model was then updated in MLB The Show 21 to include different weights based on batter and pitcher handedness.

However, True Overall ran into major problems in MLB The Show 21, when a Monthly Awards Robbie Ray was released with the highest True Overall rating ever recorded, but didn’t perform well at all in-game. To combat this, ShowZone decided to update how True Overall was calculated.

One key aspect of these updates is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The algorithm now utilizes advanced Deep Neural Network (DNN) models, which is more accurate and can learn from any new cards as they are released by SDS. By leveraging AI, ShowZone has been able to create a more sophisticated and accurate rating system that can adapt and learn from new card releases by SDS (San Diego Studios).

Through the DNN update, True Overall is now accurate within 0.5 overall point and matches very closely to how SDS rates cards. But, SDS ratings don’t always reflect how cards perform in-game. That’s where ShowZone’s Meta Overall comes in.

Meta Overall

Meta Overall is a metric created in 2022 that attempts to rate cards based on how they fit the current meta of the game.

Unlike True Overall, which matches SDS rating methodology, Meta Overall adjusts the weights of certain attributes that are seen as more important by MLB The Show players. It takes into account factors such as power and speed for hitters and specific pitch combinations for pitchers. It also gives cards boosts for quirks, pitch speed differentials, strong hitting attributes for pitchers, and switch hitting abilities.

While True Overall is highly accurate in terms of how SDS rates cards, Meta Overall is better at finding cards that perform well in-game.

In addition to adjusting weights for more important attributes, ShowZone also does the following with Meta Overall:

  • Quirks give cards a boost – the more, the better.
  • Speed differential for pitchers provides a boost – the bigger speed differential between pitches, the better.
  • Pitchers with good hitting attributes get a boost – gotta have that Ohtani-factor!
  • If the pitcher has specific combinations of tunneling pitches, they get a boost – Slider/Slurve, Sinker/Cutter, 4-Seam/Changeup, and Sinker/Circle-Change.
  • And finally, switch hitters get a slight bump to factor in that you will always have a handedness advantage when hitting.

We have found that Meta Overall is much better at finding cards that should play well in-game, although certain factors like swing type and pitching motion cannot be factored in, as SDS does not provide that data on cards at this point.

Recent Updates to Meta Overall

After an exciting year of MLB The Show 22, we’re thrilled to introduce several key updates to the Meta Overall algorithm in MLB The Show 23. Our aim with these changes is to create a more accurate and direct comparison between True Overall and Meta Overall ratings.

First and foremost, we’ve made a significant change in how Meta Overall is measured. Instead of utilizing a 0-99 scale, we’ve aligned Meta Overall with the same scale as True Overall for each position. This allows for a more straightforward comparison, clearly illustrating how a player’s in-game performance relates to their actual rating.

Additionally, we’ve revamped the weights assigned to active quirks to accommodate the new quirks introduced this year. This change takes into account the possibility of players having more active quirks than ever before, ensuring an accurate representation of their impact on gameplay.

We’ve also fine-tuned the weighting of the Batting and Pitching Clutch ratings to better reflect the frequency of clutch situations. This way, the effect of the Clutch rating will more accurately mirror the likelihood of a player stepping up in high-pressure moments.

Last but not least, we’ve introduced new weights for the “DH” position. This position solely considers hitting attributes, enabling the cream of the crop to rise to the top and helping players easily identify the best hitters in the game.

These enhancements to the Meta Overall algorithm are sure to elevate your experience and player selection in MLB The Show 23.

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