MLB The Show 24: Ranked 3 Breakdown

May 11, 2024 by Cory Dell

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Lackluster online rewards has been a theme the last couple years. With only two real competitive modes in Diamond Dynasty, a lot of pressure has been on SDS to deliver the goods with desirable cards for succeeding online.

So far this year the rewards have been fine if not unexciting. With the latest Ranked rewards, however, that narrative has completely flipped.

Two of the most popular players in Diamond Dynasty history get unreal 99 overalls that are easily two of the very best cards in the game.

As a bonus, there’s another 99 overall card featured in the Ranked program that isn’t too shabby, either.

1B Milestone Prince Fielder (Milwaukee Brewers) – Meta Overall: 103.95; #7 1B

The featured Program card is Milestone Prince Fielder. This Fielder is a prototypical 1B/DH that absolutely kills RHP but holds his own against LHP. This might be a Program card and not a “true” reward, but I don’t consider this card simple fodder.

Prince Fielder has a great swing and this is a fun card to toss into your binder. Whether you start him full-time or use him sparingly, this card plays better than his decent attributes and will almost surely hit some bombs for you.

C Retro Finest Jorge Posada – Meta Overall: 104.75; #1 C, #5 1B

One of my all-time favorite players to use, Jorge Posada gets the nastiest Catcher we’ve seen so far this year.

125 CON L/125 CON R/96 POW L/93 POW R/120 Clutch

All wrapped up with one of the sweetest swings in the game that’s also a switch-hitter. That’s a mouthful and somehow still not enough to describe just how amazing this card is.

Posada gets Dead Red, max Contact, nearly 100+ Power against both sides with nearly max Clutch, switch-hitting that fits on the Carlos Santana build and the lesser used but incredibly fun David Ortiz 2000’s Hitters build.

Already love your Catcher? That’s fine, play Posada at 1B and you still have a Top 5 1B. Love your 1B? Well, then you Posada can slot in as the backstop as the best Catcher in the game. Love your 1B and Catcher? That’s what the DH is for, friendo.

Use this card. Period.

SP Hyper Series Jake Arrieta – Meta Overall: 103.95; #1 SP

The other card hitting the World Series Choice Pack is new legend Jake Arrieta. Personally, I was a little letdown as Arrieta played so recently he doesn’t “feel” like a Legend to me yet. That’s hardly a major complaint, especially within the context of Diamond Dynasty has Arrieta is absolutely a legend in Diamond Dynasty.

Fun (maybe?) Fact: I pulled a Diamond Jake Arrieta back in MLB The Show 19 as a Diamond Dynasty rookie before I knew anything about DD. I locked him in when he was worth a ton of Stubs for literally no reason as I wasn’t even able to complete the set he was part of at the time.

Eh, it sounded more interesting in my head. Anyway, this Hyper Series Arrieta is a strong welcome back to the Diamond Dynasty fold. Arrieta features 112 H/9, 101 BB/9 and 125 Clutch. The pitch-mix is superb with a Sinker/Slider/Slurve/Circle Change combo that should be deadly on Hall of Fame and Legend.

This card does lack any Quirks, so no Break Outlier or anything else. Meta Overall isn’t worried about it and neither should you.

Hyper Series Jake Arrieta should comfortably reside at the top of the Meta SP leaderboard for the rest of the season.

Papadell’s Pick

This is a no-brainer for me with Jorge Posada. As good as Jake Arrieta is, Posada is just too nasty to pass up. Amazing swing, amazing attributes, fits on one of the best team builds that just happens to be switch-hitting.

I don’t know if a card can be perfect, but this is close for me. It’s not a slight toward Arrieta, either. That’s just how good Retro Finest Jorge Posada is.

Who is your pick in the new World Series Choice Pack and why? Let us know in the comments!

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