MLB The Show 24: Headliners Pack 4 Available Now

March 27, 2024 by Cory Dell

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Tuesday featured a single new addition to the Show Shop as Headliners Pack 4 dropped in MLB The Show 24.

The slow power creep continues as we get another 91 overall. So far, the pacing of new content feels really good and contributes to a healthy team building environment.

Jason Bay is a returning legend this year. Bay played in exactly 200 games for the Boston Red Sox during his 11-year career. This version sees him representing the Red Sox in 2008 Postseason form.

Postseason LF Jason Bay (Boston Red Sox) – Meta Overall: 90.13; #7 LF

Bay debuts as the 7th best overall LF in Diamond Dynasty. With pretty balanced offensive attributes across the board, Bay stands out with his 103 Clutch rating which should help you generate runs in critical situations. I haven’t used Bay cards enough to have an opinion on his swing, but this is a perfectly fine card for this point in the year.

On the Quirk side, Bay features Dead Red which increases the damage he does on Fastballs.

Currently, Postseason Jason Bay isn’t eligible for any Captain builds outside of Boston Red Sox theme teams. However, if you’re running a Red Sox build then you probably want this card in your lineup immediately.

If you run Johnny Damon and Nathan Eovaldi as tandem Captains with Tier 3 boosts, Bay’s attributes blossom to the following:

123 CON R, 105 CON L, 110 POW R, 80 POW L and 118 Clutch.

That’s pretty good for a 91 overall card. Bay doesn’t possess any secondaries outside of the outfield, so he’ll be bringing fringe Fielding attributes with relatively low Speed. I’d say this is a classic case of DH-or-Bust if you’re trying to field the most competitive team. But if Jason Bay is one of your favorite players, slotting him into LF isn’t the worst thing you could do.

Despite the fact that I’ll probably never use this card, I love that it’s in the game. With Captains being reworked in a rather genius way, true theme teams are finally viable in Diamond Dynasty. Red Sox theme teams will benefit greatly from this card existing and if SDS continues to release cards of this nature; Captains will end up being everything we wanted them to be last year.

Headliners Pack 4 is available to purchase for 7,500 Stubs with a maximum of 5 packs per user. The Headliners Pack 4 Choice Pack, which features increased odds at Diamonds, is available for 35,000 Stubs with a maximum of 3 packs per user.

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