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How do you get Retro Mickey Mantle in MLB The Show 22?

November 11, 2022 by Jeremy Englert

The final Legends & Flashback Collection rewards dropped today in the form of Retro Finest Rob Dibble and Retro Finest Mickey Mantle. SDS teased that this collection reward would be one of the best we’ve ever seen – and they didn’t let us down – the new Mickey Mantle card is ABSOLUTELY juiced – but how do you unlock him?

How do you unlock Retro Finest Mickey Mantle?

Like all of the other Legends & Flashback Collections, you are going to need to collect cards from almost all of the card series in the game – and then “lock in” these cards to collect vouchers. You will need a total of 19 vouchers out of a possible 20 – so you are able to skip one of the card series/vouchers.

The amount of cards you will need for each series are:

  • Finest: 100
  • 2022 Finest: 30
  • Takashi Okazaki: 26
  • Cover Athletes: 12
  • Second Half: 45
  • Prospect: 44
  • All-Star: 85
  • Awards: 24
  • Breakout: 46
  • Faces of the Franchise: 58
  • Milestone: 30
  • Monthly Awards: 70
  • Postseason: 70
  • Prime: 28
  • Rookie: 70
  • Signature: 14
  • Topps Now: 130
  • Veteran: 40
  • Future Stars: 55
  • 2022 All Star / Home Run Derby: 44

How many stubs does Mickey Mantle cost?

At the time of this writing, the Mickey Mantle collection costs about 20,000,000-27,000,000 to complete. You can get the updated pricing by checking out the collection breakdown page here.

You can also figure out exactly how many cards and stubs YOU need to finish this collection by using our inventory management tool. The inventory tool scans your inventory from and tells you exactly how many stubs and cards you need to finish each collection.

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